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Why did we create CocoScan?

There are two important aspects of website SEO: indexation and positioning. Two points that are often misunderstood among both marketers and experts. They’re also two factors that create a barrier between the marketing side and technical side of SEO.

Cocolyze for example, is a marketing tool for improving the position of a keyword within a page compared to the competitors’ position. But a website not only needs to position well in Google but also be indexable, and for your website to be indexable you need to respect the vast amount of Google criteria. It’s for this reason that we decided to develop a tool that finds all the factors that block the indexation of a page. There’s no point working on the ranking of a keyword if the page itself isn’t indexable. As it’s full of technical elements it can become very complicated so that’s why we created an analysis with different control check-points to eliminate one-by-one the blocking factors. It doesn’t mean CocoScan is a technical tool, far from it. It’s a simple tool!

1. What is CocoScan?
An addition to the Coco family.

It’s first of all important to understand what CocoScan is i.e. how this tool can help you with your website optimization. CocoScan explores your site and scans all your web pages one by one in the same way as Google does. Each page that is scanned passes through our different analysis check-points in order to find the elements that are blocking the indexation of the website pages in Google. The tool also generates a list of the priority tasks that need correcting in order of importance, making your SEO work simpler and more efficient. At the same time CocoScan lists all the pages that contain issues blocking optimization, as well as the possibility to analyze the optimization of a specific page of a site.

As we want to make things as user-friendly as possible, we also developed a functionality where you can rescan page by page, allowing you to correct errors one by one and check that the error has been fixed without having to rescan your whole website. It also lets you remove errors as you go along the analysis. A great way to use the pages you ordered in an economical way wink.

Our scans are fast and we created a technology that allows you to access the scan in real-time during the analysis. You don’t have to wait several days for the scan to finish to get your results!


  • CocoScan explores and scans all your website pages just like Google does
  • It provides you with a priority to-do list of the issues that need fixing first
  • You can rescan specific pages to avoid having to rescan your whole site
  • Our scans produce instant results so you don’t have to wait around

2. Why didn’t we put CocoScan with Cocolyze under one single offer?
Because 2 Coco’s are always better than one.

First and foremost, CocoScan and Cocolyze are not necessarily targeted at the same audience. CocoScan should be used in a more independent way. We think that it’s important to carry out a scan sometimes once a week or sometimes once a year. There’s no definite answer as it really is on a case-by-case basis and dependent on how much work you put into the more ‘technical’ side of your SEO.

Therefore we decided not to offer CocoScan on a subscription basis but be the FIRST IN THE WORLD (yes that’s right wink) to offer a scan on a pay-per-use system. This means that you only pay for the number of pages you want to scan and even better is that they have an unlimited lifespan. For example you buy 500 pages to scan in October and you don’t use them all until the following January…not a problem! We wanted to make using CocoScan as flexible as possible for you by getting rid of subscription plans and instead letting you refill your account only when you need to. Our goal was to create a simple yet highly-efficient tool for you.


  • CocoScan should be used on a more independent basis
  • There’s no subscription plans for CocoScan, you only pay for what you need and when you need

3. Should I take a CocoScan account as well as a Cocolyze account?
I mean, we won’t try and stop you.

This is probably a popular question for Coco users and the answer is: it really depends. We suggest you scan your website from time to time. For example, once you’ve created your site, during a website redesign or from time to time to check its indexation. It depends on how many changes and how often you makes changes to your website.

However, Cocolyze is a tool that must be used everyday because keyword ranking is a competition. A competition that never sleeps and a competition that needs to be regularly looked at to avoid any unwanted surprises. Remember that your competitors won’t be sleeping either wink.

The thing to remember is that CocoScan comes before Cocolyze. If your website isn’t indexable or indexed then using Cocolyze to help with your search engine ranking won’t get you very far. Remember that your website and/or pages needs to be indexed first before you can start improving its search results rankings.
CocoScan first, Cocolyze second.

  • Use CocoScan from time to time e.g. at website creation, during a redesign, after technical changes to your site
  • Cocolyze is a tool to be used everyday
  • CocoScan should be used before Cocolyze

4. Who is CocoScan for?
You, you, and you over there, and you.

When we talk about website crawlers, lots of people instantly assume they’re only for technical experts but this isn’t the case with CocoScan. CocoScan is a tool aimed at anyone that looks after a website. This could be the website owner or an SEO service provider.

It’s a tool that simplifies the technical side of SEO and allows you to fully understand the errors raised from the analysis. It’s therefore equally aimed at marketers who want to monitor the technical health of a website’s SEO, and at developers who want to double check that they’re respecting Google’s criteria when creating a website. CocoScan also adapts to small sites just as well as large e-commerce sites.


CocoScan isn’t a technical tool. It’s a simple tool so that the technical side of SEO can be accessible to anyone with and/or looks after a website.

  • CocoScan is aimed at anyone who looks after a website e.g. the owner or an SEO service provider
  • It can be used by both marketers and developers
  • Our scan tool isn’t a technical tool


We want to change the mindset of website crawlers being for technical SEO experts which is why we developed CocoScan. A tool that simplifies the understanding of the technical factors that block a website’s indexation. With our scan tool you only pay for the pages you want to scan and these can be used as and when you need to.
CocoScan has made technical SEO simple!

If you would like more information about CocoScan or a demonstration of our tool, please don’t hesitate to contact Alexandre, our Business Developer.

Why did we create CocoScan?
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