How to find toxic backlinks for my SEO?

Remember: What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links from an outside domain that point towards pages on your domain. These referring domains act as a vote of confidence for your site.

Backlinks are crucial, everybody wants backlinks but you should forget black hat techniques like links farms... Google is far too smart not to see that you are using bad techniques! It is absolutely necessary to work on your netlinking to get quality links… But you can sometimes obtain links that are very poor and harmful for your SEO… If so, you should read this article which may be very useful.

1. What is a toxic backlink?
The pet peeve of SEO

The goal of my article isn’t to talk about how to create a backlinks campaign because my super colleague Ailsa already did it in her article 8 ways to create a successful backlinks campaign. For my part, I am going to talk about these very very very bad backlinks we want to get rid of and that negatively impact our SEO.

A backlink can be toxic for several reasons:

  • A website that is not trustworthy create a link to your website
    And there you tell me « Madaaaaam, what is a website that is not trustworthy? ». Well, this is a website with a bad Spam Rating. You will find this score in our backlink tool which will give you, for each domain, the SR.

  • A website that has nothing to do with your activity makes a link to your website
    If you have a website that sells pet supplies and an online casino makes a link to your website, Google is going to wonder about that! Be careful that links pointing toward your website have a consistent content with your content, that thematics are close. If a pet food e-commerce website makes a link to your website, Google will be happy!

  • Several websites with the same IP address make links to your website
    As we all know, Google is not stupid (to our dismay!) and it has the power (almost magical) to detect if all your backlinks come from the same IP and if this is the case, it will see that as a bad techniques and it will penalize you.

  • Duplicated pages on different domains make links to your website
    There is no need, once again, to take Google for an idiot, if you have links coming from duplicated pages on several domains… It will see it and will penalize you… again and again!

  • A link that is poorly located on a website
    Forget the technique which consists of putting links at the bottom of the page just to put a link. A link must be well positioned in your content. Besides, it needs to be integrated in a quality content.

  • The language of your backlinks
    If you have an english website and if most of your backlinks come from polish websites… Google is going to wonder about that my dears.

2. How to find them? 
The witch hunt is on!

Well Gaelle, it is all well and good… But how can I find these toxic backlinks??

This is where Cocolyze and its backlinks tool come into play! It is very easy to detect toxic backlinks with Cocolyze… You just need to start your campaign and it will tell you in the « toxic links » table which links are detected as toxic.
Our backlink tool will give you the Domain Influence and Spam Rating score, the source and the target.

If a link detected as « toxic » is not toxic for you and it is desired, you just need to click on the « not toxic » button.

3.What to do with a toxic backlink?
Bye bye naughty backlinks!

There are two things to do to get rid of theses backlinks.
The first one is to contact the webmaster of the website and nicely ask him to remove this link that harms our SEO… In many other articles dealing with backlinks tool, you will read this advice too… I am going to be honest with you, it is often very difficult to contact them and in 90% of cases, they won’t reply, unless you harass them night and day.

So it is much better to tell Google « Pleeeeease, don’t take into account this link ». No, you don’t have to go at Google’s headquarters and knock at the door. You just need to disavow them in your Search Console. To disavow a link is really tell Google that you don’t want it to take into account the link from the page Disavow backlinks.
Of course, Cocolyze facilitates your work! You can directly from the backlinks tool, identity links « to disavow ». They will go to the table « links to disavow » just below the « toxic links » table and you will easily be able to export them just by clicking on the « TXT » button. This way, you will be able to import the list directly in Google and easily disavow them.

I am sure you now want to try Cocolyze and its backlinks tool to find these links you need to get rid of. We offer a 30 day trial period, wait no longer :)


1 toxic backlink = a penalty for my website so 10 toxic backlinks = Bye bye my SEO. Well, ok it doesn’t go so far but you need to know that backlinks are very important for your SEO and if some backlinks are not quality backlinks, you should quickly get a rid of them or Google will strongly penalized your website.

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