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1. Your Keyword Rank Checker

Cocolyze gets real-time website ranking positions from all around the world in more than 65 languages in 45,000 different locations on Google and Google Mobile. Our rank checker measures important metrics and provides you with the best estimated keyword traffic and rank value.

2. Understand why you’re not ranking Number 1

We analyze all your competitors (your Google neighbors!) and compare your keyword rankings to those of your competitors. Check your live SERP ranking to see how your page is positioned on a specific keyword. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your web pages to help you understand your chances of getting ranked #1.

3. Get a full analysis of all SEO factors

We gather and analyze all data that impacts your SEO rankings: backlinks, page content, loading times, content keywords, server connection, images, CSS styles, javascript, etc. Our SEO rank report breaks down all the elements that can affect your optimization so that you understand what needs to be fixed.

4. Improve your keyword ranking capacities

Our algorithms provide instant red-flagged alerts to show you what needs to be improved first for best optimization. With this keyword rank checker, you can prioritize your SEO tasks and optimize your actions efficiently and easily!

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