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Say hello to the next generation Rank Tracking tool that helps you understand your overall visibility in the search engine results page. With our SEO tool, get an easy and straightforward analysis of your keyword rankings in the search engines.

Why choose our Rank Tracking tool:

  • Track and monitor your SEO ranking for each keyword in all languages and all countries
  • React 24/7 to a change in your keyword rankings
  • Spy up to 10 competitors every day
  • Find out your competitor’s keyword strategy

Our tool lets you see what’s working and what’s not in your keyword strategy. Most importantly Cocolyze allows you to keep that all important competitive edge.

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Cocolyze Rank tracking Seo tool

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Improve your website rank strategy with our keyword opportunities feature. Get a list of keyword suggestions you should work on to improve the number of keywords you’re positioned on.

Why use our keyword opportunities tool:

  • Get a list of potential keywords to target and optimize
  • Understand the level of competition for each keyword
  • Find out the keyword research volume to see whether they’re worth pursuing
  • View the cost-per-click of each keyword

Cocolyze helps you find the best SEO keywords to achieve that top Google rank. It gives you an insight into what visitors search for depending on your business’ activity with the help of important metrics, and an easy and user-friendly interface.

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