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Getting Started with Cocolyze

Learn how to set-up your website on Cocolyze and manage your SEO campaigns.

How to track your website ranking

Discover how to track your online visibility with Cocolyze.

How to optimize your website

Learn how to optimize your ranked pages using our Page Analysis tool.

How to track and improve your backlinks

Use our Links tool to discover and analyze all your backlinks.

Subscription, Plans, Pricing

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancel your Cocolyze subscription at anytime.

How do I download my invoices?

Download your invoices directly from your account.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my account?

Upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime.

Can I get a refund?

Conditions for refunds.

What happens to my data once I cancel my subscription?

Access to data after subscription cancellation.

Advanced usage

Difference of positions between the tool and a manual search

It is possible that our tool shows a position which is different from the one you see in manual search results. Discover why here.

How to prevent Cocolyze to scan my website?

In some cases it can come about that a website or website page doesn’t want to be analyzed by Cocolyze.

A website is ranked better even though it’s not as well optimized for SEO than the others

In some cases the better ranked website can have lower scores than lower ranked websites. This is completely normal!

Page returns HTTP error code

If your page returns an 400 or 500 HTTP Error Code

Timeout issue

Our robots abandon a page analysis if it takes too long to load.

Robots.txt doesn't allow a page scan

At times certain pages aren't able to be analyzed due and you need to authorize our robot in the Robot.txt file.

Content type issue

The content type of a page is stated in the HTTP Content-Type header.

Can I share my campaign with other Cocolyze accounts?

Discover how to share your campaigns with other Cocolyze accounts.

How do I add and/or delete a competitor?

Add up to 20 competitors per campaign on your account.

How do I re-group keywords of the same category?

Re-group your keywords in lists for easy tracking of your ranking progression.

My new backlink is not in Cocolyze

New backlinks can take several days to be detected by Cocolyze.

What to do with a toxic link?

A toxic link can be harmful for your SEO. We help you to get rid of them.

How to add backlinks that are not in Cocolyze?

If a backlink is not in Cocolyze, you can add it manually to your monitoring.