Error - DNS resolution failure

DNS resolution failure

A DNS service allows to solve a domain name into an IP address in order to identify and communicate with the servers on the WEB. There are many DNS servers around the world that synchronize and cache information. When a change is made on one of the servers, the propagation to the others can take from a few hours to a few days.

Usually the DNS records of a site are managed by the hosting provider to ensure proper access to the site. Moreover, the DNS servers used by Internet users, whose use is transparent to them, are mainly those of their Internet service provider, unless they have changed the parameters in their operating system.

In the absence of this resolution, robots cannot communicate with the server and retrieve the content of the site. It is therefore necessary to :

  • check the url entered
  • check the access from a browser
  • check that the DNS record of the site has a field of type "A" or "AAAA" associated with the server IP
  • check record propagation on Google's DNS servers: 8.8.8 and 8.8.4