Error - The URL is not valid

The URL is not valid

A URL generally allows access to a resource on a server. This resource is mainly an HTML page of a WEB site that will be interpreted by the browser, but it can also be a PDF document, an image or even a file to download.

The URL respects a precise syntax, the minimal format is :


  • the protocol specifies the means of communication with the server, for a web site, it is : "http" or "https".
  • the sub-domain, which is optional, coupled with the domain allows to define the site: "", "".
  • the path allows to retrieve a specific resource from the server: "/", "/contact" or even "/basket".
  • optional parameters allow to send information to servers (it is recommended not to use them for SEO)

Examples of valid URLs :


Examples of invalid URLs :

  • missing protocol "https://"
  • bad protocol separator: "://".
  • https://google : invalid website address : ""

Also, only certain characters are allowed, this aspect is less important because robots and browsers automatically encode them. For example the URL "https://café.com/meilleur-café" becomes "" (browsers display the "human" version of the URL, i.e. with the characters not supported in a decoded way).

An invalid URL does not allow access to a page, so it is necessary to :

  • check its syntax
  • check its access from a browser