Error - Page redirects to an invalid URL

Page redirects to an invalid URL

A redirection is a particular response from the server with a 3xx HTTP code informing the client (browser or robot) that the location of the page has changed. A redirection can also be a page change caused by HTML/JavaScript code. In both cases, a redirection leads users and robots to another URL and thus another page.

A URL, on the other hand, generally allows the access to a resource on a server. This resource is mainly an HTML page of a WEB site that will be interpreted by the browser, but it can also be a PDF document, an image or even a file to download. The URL respects a precise syntax, the minimal format is : protocol://(subdomain.)domain/(path)(?parameters).

An invalid redirection occurs when the destination is not a well-formed URL. In this case it is necessary to intervene on your server/application and/or :

  • check that it is not a configuration or code error
  • corrected the URL of the last redirection encountered
  • remove the redirection and provide an HTML page for this URL