Can I share my campaign with other Cocolyze accounts?

Our tool allows you to share your campaign with other Cocolyze accounts.

You can share your campaign in 2 modes: 

  • View Only

The account will only be able to view your campaign but won’t be able to change any of the settings. 

  • View and Edit  

The account will be able to view and edit any of your campaign settings. This includes deleting keywords, adding competitors and changing the configuration. 


To share your campaign with someone, go to your Dashboard > Settings > Share your Campaign. This is where you can choose what type of access mode you want to put in place.  



Click on ‘Add Access’ and type in the email address of the Cocolyze account. It is added directly so there is no need to accept the invitation but it does need to be an email address with a Cocolyze account (paid or free account). If the person you wish to share your campaign with doesn’t have an account, they can create an account for free.  



You can also delete a user’s access at anytime by going into Settings > Share your Campaign and clicking on the ‘Remove’ button next to the user. After confirmation this user will no longer be able to view or view and edit your campaign. 



Important: If you share your campaign with another account in View and Edit mode, any changes made to the keyword consumption by the other user will be done on your account

If you want to share your campaign with another user in particular, our best advice is for the user to create a free account on the side. You must not share your login details with any third parties.