Difference of positions between the tool and a manual search

It is possible that our tool shows a position which is different from the one you see in manual search results. 

There are several factors that can explain this difference in positioning:

  1. The personalization of results depending on the user and their history (think about logging-out from Google if you have an account, cleaning your session: cache and cookies, activating the use of javascript). 
  2. Local search. Google localizes your position and provides you with a localized search. 
  3. The Data Center used. Google owns a number of Data Centers. Even if they share the same algorithm to determine positions, there can be result disparities but these do stop over time. 
  4. Position fluctuations in Google. Google regularly carries out tests (changes in positions to measure user behavior and improve their rankings), algorithm updates and discrepancies between its different Data Centers. These fluctuations rarely occur. 

Our rank tracking tool minimizes all these factors so that the positions are the same as in the search engines.