Error - Redirected page

Redirected page

A redirection is a specific response from the server with a 3xx HTTP code informing the client (browser or robot) that the URL is no longer the correct one and that it is necessary to go to the one specified in the "Location" header. The most common 3xx redirections are :

  • permanent redirections with a HTTP 301 code
  • temporary redirections with a 302 HTTP code

Other types of redirection exist. They are defined in the HTTP headers or in the HTML/JavaScript code of the page. These redirections are strongly discouraged because they are not all understood/followed by robots and can strongly disrupt the navigation for internet users.
The most common code redirections are :

  • refresh" redirections, specified in a "Refresh" header or a <meta http-equiv="refresh"> tag at the HTML level, they refresh the page after a certain delay (or immediately).
  • JavaScript redirections that are caused by the code executed by the browser

When our robots are instructed not to follow redirections, this error will occur if they encounter one. In this case, it is necessary to :

  • enter the destination URL directly
  • remove the redirection and provide an HTML page for this URL at your application/server level
  • allow our robots to follow redirections