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Why buying keywords on Google isn’t possible ?

You are the owner of a beautiful website and want to position it in search engines top results thanks to some keywords ?
Good idea !

The big deal ? A lot of SEO beginners think that it is possible to buy keywords, which is a big mistake...

Be careful, keywords don’t function like domain names ! You cannot buy them to use them. Keywords belong to everybody. If you want your website to have visibility on the results page thanks to keywords, there are several other ways.

1. SEA

Money, money, money 💸

Reminder : What is SEA ?

SEA is what looks the most like « buying of keywords ». It is about paying search engines in order to be in top positions. It’s for example what Google does with its Google Adwords campaigns. If you choose SEA, your website will appear up the results page for some keywords. You actually pay to rank upon some keywords that you choose. For example, if you are a car seller in Denver, you will be able to pay in order to be shown in the results page for these keywords : « car denver", « car seller denver", « new car denver", etc... According to what seems the more interesting for your marketing target.


You can use SEA to temporarily earn visibility. Therefore, you have to know something about SEA :

  1. It’s not free, and sometimes expensive according to the keyword. If the one or the ones you want are really wanted, by the search engine users and the websites, prices can blow up.

  2. It’s limited in time. When your Google Adwords campaign, for example, ends up, you lose your first position and find back your initial position.

  3. Your website is shown as an ad, which indicates that you « cheat ». The user can think that you had to pay for a nice position because your website is not good

SEA can be a good option when you need a little hand but shouldn’t be in any case your main SEO strategy.

So, how to have a website with a good position without spending too much money ?

    SEA is the fact of paying a search engine to be valorized as an ad upon all the other common results.
  • It can be expensive according to the importance of the keyword
  • Your positions are limited in time
  • The user see your website as an ad
  • Use SEA with no excess, like a little extra, but cannot substitute a real SEO strategy

2. SEO as a long-time and efficient solution

Who you're gonna call ? SEO ! ☎️

SEO is still the best way to position your website for a long time and without spending too much money on the keywords you like. Here, no need to « buy » keywords, positions, or whatever. You just need to improve what you already have.

Reminder : What is SEO ?

SEO is all the ways existing to improve the good positions of your website without paying Google or other engines.

How improving the SEO of your website :

  1. Hire a SEO expert

  2. Call a digital agency

  3. Use a SEO tool

SEO professionals always have good advice if you want to know more about the functioning of SEO and have a more strategical process. Contact them to have more information on the matter and elaborate a SEO strategy.

To help you daily in your search for the first position, I recommend you to use a SEO tool, moreover a tool that can monitor your SEO everyday. Because yes, your SEO changes all the time and is not keeping the same place forever. You need to check everyday the health of your SEO in order to keep your good positions safe !

If you’re afraid of not getting rid of it because of your limited knowledge on SEO, don’t worry. Many SEO tools are made for beginners and are very easy to handle. Especially the ones that besides analyzing your SEO health, indicates you and recommend you which exact actions you should do to improve the situation.

    SEO is the result of many actions led and linked to your website in order to improve your position of the search engines results page
  • It is cheaper, more efficient and have a longer effect than SEA
  • SEO professionals or SEO tools can help you to improve your positions

3. How to rank on some chosen keywords

Aim the first position ! 🏆

Now you know that you can’t buy keywords but finely use them in your website’s redactional contents. So, how to rank ? Here’s the plan :

  1. Brainstorm. Before being efficient on some words, you already need to know on which keywords you want to be well-positioned. You need to have a marketing vision to make this choice. Take time to define which keywords are the most useful for your activity. No tool can do it for you. Only you or some marketing experts can define your SEO strategy.

  2. Use a keyword recommendation tool like Keyword Tool to find ideas. These king of tools base themselves on 2 elements to give you the best keywords. According to the keyword written in the tool, it finds the best similar keywords for your website to match with your professional sector. These 2 metrics are the number of times these keywords have been looked for and the number of competitors set on it.
    Then, choose the « best-est » keywords among the ones found !

  3. Daily check the position of your keywords. Thanks to an everyday SEO tracking tool, you can be aware of the exact positions at the T-moment. Some tools even tell you how to improve your positions with precise actions to do.

    To begin your keywords SEO strategy, alone or with SEO professionals, you have to :
  • Define the keywords you want to be ranked upon based on marketing concerns
  • Use a recommendation keywords tool to know which are globally the best words to use on the current market
  • Check daily your positions thanks to a tracking SEO tool


At the contrary of some SEO beginners thoughts, you cannot buy keywords to well-rank your website in page results. Nevertheless, they are several and different ways to have good positions on search engines. There is the SEA technic which is about paying engines so they give visibility to your website. This technic is not to overuse because it can be expensive and the effect is always for a moment only. You should use it as a side help in a strong SEO strategy. SEO is the best option on the long time to be sure to be well-positioned on the keywords you want. SEO is all the ways to have good positions in the page results. If you’re interested by a real SEO strategy, don’t hesitate to contact some experts and try our SEO tool.

Why buying keywords on Google isn’t possible ?
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