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How to know the price, or the value, of a keyword ?

We recently tackled the issue of « fake news » concerning the purchase of keywords. You cannot literally « buy keywords » but you can buy a good temporary ranking on search engines. However, keywords do have a price. It is this price that will make search engines able to estimate how much you should pay to be well-ranked on some keywords. Even your own keywords, according to your website’s optimization, have their own worth based on how you optimize them. In this case…

Why is it interesting to know the worth of your keywords ?
How to calculate the worth of a keyword ?
How to know it ?

1. The point of knowing the worth of a keyword

How much does it weight ? 💰

There are millions of keywords on the internet. But they don’t all have the same worth. Actually, many criterions define the rating, the worth, of a keyword. It is on this value that search engines attribute a price to keywords you want to be ranked on. Your keywords (those used on your website) have their own worth defined by how you optimize them on your site.
Why is it important to know the worth of your keywords ?
Mainly for two purposes :

  1. To know your SEO level : the more your keywords’ worth is high, the more your are well-ranked
  2. To know the quality of the keywords you have chosen for your site : the more the keyword is looked for, the more its worth is high, the more you’re sure to be ranked on the good keywords for your activity

Knowing the worth of your keywords has an analytical and strategical role. Analytical and technical because it enables you to know the SEO level of your website. Strategical and marketing because it enables you to know if you are ranked or try to be ranked on words that are economically interesting for your activity and that are requested by potential customers.

  • Your website’s keywords have a different and fluctuant worth according to many criteria
  • It is important to know it for analytical and strategical purposes
  • The more your SEO is good and your keywords relevant, the more their worth will be up et the more you will be visible on serps

2. The estimation of keyword’s worth

Which price to give ? 💯

How is estimated the worth of a keyword ? First of all, let’s see how it works for campaigns like Google Adwords, SEA in other (key)words. Search engines like Google give a price to keywords according to offer and demand. It means that the more a keyword is looked for by engines’ users and also used by websites, the more its price rises. For your own keywords, what is important to know and is about to give worth to them : general optimization of your website, search volume and ranks they are already on. In a nutshell, if you want your keywords have worth and own some good ranks, care about your global SEO and look at the market state regarding to the keywords requests.
The three criteria to analyze are :

  1. Global state and level of your website’s SEO
  2. Quality of your chosen keywords according to search engines requests
  3. Ranks currently owned by your site for some keywords

If you combine these three elements, you are sure to have very worthy keywords and so earn visibility on serps !


  • Your keywords’ worth is calculated thanks to three criteria
  • These criteria are: global quality of your SEO, users requests on search engines, your website’s ranking on these keywords
  • Optimize the three of them enables to perform on results pages

3. How to know the worth of a keyword ?

Time to see the jackpot 🎰

There are many ways to know the worth of a keyword and so its potential on serps. You can use tools as Cocolyze to have a trustful estimation of its potential. Calcul criteria are, beside other things : search engines users’ requests in volume by month, SEO optimization of your site, Google Adwords algorithms, your current ranks,… The more your SEO worth is high, the more your keyword have the potential to be well-ranked if you go on optimizing your site as it is needed. This tool also enables you by the way to estimate your ROI. Thanks to it, you know how much your SEO tool makes you save money by checking regularly the worth your keywords win. Plus, your tool also enables you to increase the quality of your SEO, ranks, and even keywords (for example, by helping you finding better ones according to SO worth) for some ! The worth of your keywords can only grow with all this stuff.


  • Tools like Cocolyze programmed algorithms able to calculate the SEO worth of each of your own keywords
  • The will give you daily information about the evolution of your keywords’ worth, like stock exchange
  • These SEO tools will also help you improving your keywords’ worth and their ranks on serps


Keywords, and your personal keywords chosen for your website depending on how you use them, have each a very distinct and fluctuant worth. You can increase this worth and so your ranks on results pages by optimizing the global SEO of your site. To know the current SEO worth of your keywords, and even better, monitor its evolution on a daily frequency, I recommend you to use an everyday-tracking SEO tool able to calculate this SEO worth. Try Cocolyze !

How to know the price, or the value, of a keyword ?
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