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5 tools a SEO and web content writer have to be aware of

Web writing is a very noble activity… I would not disagree with that ! It has many SEO advantages.

Today, I give you the equivalent of the five fingers of the hand (yes, dear writer, it’s easier to type on a keyboard) for the SEO writing help tools.

These 5 complementary tools are the ideal Swiss army knife for your written content because it covers all the aspects of web writing.

Here are the 5 writing tools, to use in the list order, that will make you the J.K. Rowling of web content ! Bloggers, check this out…

To rank or not to rank, that is the Google search 🤔

1. Keyword Tool by Cocolyze

Peek-a-boo, it’s us ! 🙋

Not to brag if we added ourselves to the list. We recently conceived a tool dedicated to web and SEO content. Its use is based on keywords. As you probably already know, it’s unbelievable to write content for your website when you don’t know on which keywords to rank and so which keywords to use as vocabulary. It’s the very first step of web writing, check the keywords to use. That’s why we decided to create a free alternative version of Google’s Keyword Planner Tool. Our keywords recommendation tool gives you, based on some keywords you have typed in, similar ones with the better SEO potential and the ones on which your competitors are already ranked. It also indicates the questions and long-tail words that could be interesting for you to use. Once you know which keywords to use, there you write ! By the way, if you are paid according to the number of letters, words ,or lines written, you can have these 3 metrics by copy-pasting your text on Scribs.


  • Never start to write SEO web content without knowing which keywords to use to be ranked upon
  • Using a recommendation keywords tool will enable you to strategically make your choice according to user requests and competitors rankings

2. Hemingway Editor

For Whom the Notification Bell Tolls 🔔

I was pushing you to become J.K. Rowling a bit earlier, but with this tool, you will turn into Hemingway ! Which is pretty awesome too to be honest. The Hemingway Editor tool focus on your sentences’ syntaxe and so, we can say, the quality of your saying, your expression and your SEO content. Because yes, once you found the good keywords to express yourself, you should use them rightly ! The quality of your SEO content, and so of your ranking, also depends on the quality of your writing itself. If you write or formulate badly your thoughts, the user is probably not gonna stay long on your page and if your bounce rate increase, your SEO and ranking decrease. As its name indicates, the tool want you to write as finely than a prized writer. In this way, you might find it a little too demanding but don’t panic, it’s done on purpose. It indicates you the level of readability of your sentences thanks and through analyzing adverbs, passive forms, number of words, etc… Hemingway Editor is a teacher, a strict but serious one.


  • The writing quality of your text is fully important for you SEO, be careful and optimize your syntax
  • A badly written text leads to a disappointed user and makes you lose ranks

3. Positeo

Stay positive, there is Positeo 👍

Positeo tackles the plagiarism issue. You may already know the plague-like effect of duplicated content on a website’s SEO. Google and the other search engines tend to penalizes more and more over the days this « duplicated content ». Duplicated content is when you write something that has already been written on other websites. You are probably right now stating that you are not a thief and would never steal someone else’s texts so nothing to fear. Well, don’t be so sure about it, even if you are the most honest person in the world, it often happens to plagiarize without knowing it. The more you have texts on your website, the higher the risk of similar contents present on other websites will be, that’s logical. It is possible in this case to use the same sentences or the same words than other websites, especially if their activity sector matches with yours, and so to create a kind of « duplicated content ». That will be a real shame to have received lessons from Hemingway to end up being caught by search engines algorithms for plagiarism ! After writing the text you want to put online, check on Positeo that you didn’t have the same ideas than other web writers. By the way, it works in both ways, the tool also indicates you if your content has been plagiarized on another website. Positeo’s use is very simple, it gives you the percentage of plagiarism present in your text and which words have been the most used.

  • Check your text in order to be sure not to plagiarized already existing written content
  • Duplicated content lowers a lot the worth of your SEO and so your global ranking

4. Word2CleanHTML

To fit the HTML dress-code 🖥️

Fourth step ! After checking your text is not problematic because of duplicated content, you have to put it in « good shape » before publishing it. If you write your text in a word processing program like Word, you cannot copy-paste your text directly in the CMS. Doing this without filtering the text add some unwanted code that degrades the technical quality of the on-site text and so lower your SEO… You should so, purify your content before posting it online. Word2CleanHTML is a very useful tool for those who firstly write their web content on word processing program and then directly add it to their website without filtering it by themselves, thanks to a plugin or a content editor like the blogging ones. It rectifies all the small formatting or coding errors that you can’t see as a non-developper. You simply choose your parameters below the text-box and the software optimizes it for your SEO. So yes, indeed, you might need for beginner knowledge but nothing unreachable for you and it is still a good tool to fight against the fashion « don’t » of HTML dress-code.


  • Don’t import your text in the CMS from a software like Pages or Word by copy-pasting
  • Make sure that the code of your content is not dangerous for your SEO

5. Yoast SEO

Let’s raise a yoast to your SEO 🥂

Yoast SEO is more than a teacher, it’s a SEO written content coach. It’s a plugin which is about to tell you concretely if your « final » to-be-published content is at its SEO maximum. To do so, enter your principal keyword, title and meta-description. The tool tells you if the keyword is over repeated, the text is too short or would be better illustrated by image,… It is the ultime checker before publishing. It tells you if everything is ok to be put on-site and online, plus if you’re about to rank in the serps.

  • Before publishing, analyze your content to make sure that what you have written is optimized for SEO thanks to a writing tool dedicated to SEO, not only web writing
  • Be careful, SEO quality is not detached from writing quality, at the contrary, a good writing is part of a good SEO


If you want a good web written content and improve, this way, your SEO, you should have the good apparel of tools and follow some indicated steps correctly. This is the 5 steps to follow in order to become unbeatable at SEO web writing and rank on search engines. First of all, choose strategically the vocabulary you want to use in your texts thanks to the recommendation keywords tool made by Cocolyze. Secondly, check that your content has a correct and understandable syntax with Hemingway Editor. Then, beware that your content is not plagiarized or duplicated on Positeo. Adapt the code of your text so there is no technical inadequacy that could lower your SEO, thanks to tools like Word2CleanHTML. To finish, analyze your written content in Yoast SEO, to know if it is well-optimized for good ranking. Now you know all of this, hands on the keyboard !

5 tools a SEO and web content writer have to be aware of
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