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3 ways to improve your written SEO content

Reminder: What is written SEO content ? Written SEO content is all the on-site published texts improving, wether it’s wanted or not, the site’s ranking on the results pages. For example, if you publish cookies recipes on a cooking-dedicated website or your website, this text will be considered as written SEO content and will enable the site to be ranked thanks to some keywords present in your text like « cookie recipe ».

There are many ways to improve your ranking on the web: technical update, netlinking, better interface and so UI,… This time, we’re about to focus on one especially : semantical content, written SEO content.

Why this technic differentiate itself from the others ?

Firstly, because it is the very basis of search engine ranking, thanks to the keywords. Yes, if a user finds you on a search engine, it is because of some words he typed and you too. If you want him to find you, you'd better use the same exact words than her/him in your content.
Secondly, because written content enables you to use some SEO technics really loved by search engines algorithms.

Today, we explain you in 3 points how and why written SEO content is very important for your site’s ranking. We also tell you why you should hire a website content writer. This little angel, helped with some useful well-chosen tools, will be a key asset in your 1st rank quest or even better, the divine « zero position ».

1. Put effort into the online published texts

Time for a dictation, take your keyboards ! 🔔

First of all, to have good written SEO content, you have to know which words to use. You have to know the keywords you want to be well-ranked upon. Once you have defined the right words for your website, then dedicate your content to their writing. How to define the better keywords ? There are several ways :

  • Your website’s activity sector, if you sell cars, no need to be ranked on « trucks » or « bikes » for example

  • Keywords used by your competitors, a precious help when it comes to know which words fit your activity the best or, at the contrary, which interesting ones are still not used by your competitors and so are a big opportunity for you

  • Search volume of the keywords you might rank upon, let’s position on frequently searched, or typed by search engine users, keywords

Where to find all this data ? Try our new keyword recommendation tool, made in Cocolyze. Besides suggesting you interesting keywords linked to your activity sector, it will indicates you their SEO potential, the competitors’ ranking on them, associated questions (useful for vocal searches) and long-tail keywords.


Then, once you have strategically defined the keywords you wish to be ranked upon, redact your on-site content linked to this vocabulary. The advantage of a web writer will be her/his ease to manipulate these words to use them often, not too often, but always make this look like natural. It will also be quality content because of many elements:

  • Good, pertinent, and logical use of the chosen words. The better your written content will be good, the better people will be satisfy of your website and stay longer on it, making your bounce rate falls and your SEO improves

  • Use chosen keywords with attention in order to avoid « stuffing », when you use the same keywords too much in a too small amount of text. Search engines hate it, it lower your SEO, try to use alternative keywords instead of staying in your semantical field

  • Bring with more ease questions of vocal searches and long-tail keywords in the written content. They are two types of searches that become more and more popular over the years thanks to technical progress, in the search (vocal, long-tail, …) and in the answer (zero position, vocal assistant, …)

  • Create « original » content for real, plus avoiding repetition and copies from other sites, the web content writer create unique content which will add incalculable value to your site

  • Before publishing content on your site, define the keywords you want to be ranked upon
  • Create useful content linked to search engine users’ requests
  • Avoid too frequent repetitions
  • Take into count the progressive importance of questions and long-tail keywords
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors with unique content and specific to your offer

2. Add a blog within your website

Write comments, not no-follow links ⌨️

Become a blogger ! Like Perez Hilton, become an online star. Well, be careful, in your activity sector, of course, no need to spy on Britney Spears or Jennifer Aniston (is it still fashionable references or am I too old ?) if your goal is to sell bicycles. Just give your precious advice thanks to written content, here a blog, to the world wide web community and make yourself a name on Internet and in your professional field ! Moreover being good for your reputation, it’s good for your SEO so let’s have a try ! You maybe already noticed the growing number of blogs, well, it’s your time to own one ! It’s not just a SEO or online fashion, blog and more globally, written content have numerous advantages, like marketing ones :

  • Increase online fame
  • Become an advice reference on the web and in your activity sector
  • Give credit to your offer to leads or potential customers

But, above all these elements, a blog is good for your website SEO. A blog is, first of all, going to increase the space for written content on your website and so the chances to rank upon your keywords. Your blog will enable you to increase your visibility thanks to keywords, promote your activity showing that you’re an expert and so that you probably have the answer to their request. That’s how you gain new customers, congrats ! It is, so, more judicious to write about things you know, but also on search engines requests hot topics. For instance, one of the advantage of our keywords recommendation tool, is that it gives you the search volume of the last 3 months for the keywords you type in. Thanks to the tool, you know if the matter you want to write about actually interest the prospects or you should let it down for this time. A web content writer will enlighten this content thank to his/her narrative abilities and plus finding interesting subjects to write about, will give it a real written dimension, pleasing everybody especially future clients !

  • Starting a blog on your website has great marketing and SEO advantages
  • It enables to increase your online fame, show yourself as an expert in your field and give credit to your products or services
  • It brings a qualified traffic on your website, showing to the prospects that your offer or knowledge corresponds to their requests

3. Redact SEO content on other sites

Warning, no ghost-writing allowed ! 👻

No panic, you’re not going to work for someone else and for free ! No, you’re going to work for your website’s SEO but just on an other website than yours, let me explain. You’re going to write « off-site », it means on an other website than yours, to improve your SEO. How ? Using the « netlinking » strategy. Little reminder, « netlinking » is the fact of creating links toward your website from another website in order to be well-ranked by search engines. Basically, you contact your super colleagues, so websites from the same professional or activity sector and asking them if they are ok to give you some « backlinks » in exchange of a text, often an article, written by yourself or your web writer on their website. « Backlinks » is the name used to refer to these links.
As an expert, you will give your opinion on some matters on a colleague’s blog and this colleague will make some backlinks toward your website, improving this way your SEO. This technic is called « guest-blogging », because the owner of the site invite a host expert to talk on his/her blog. Having talent for writing and knowledge of SEO writing is prevailing, that’s why a web content writer can be a very useful co-worker for you. Guest-blogging is also the opportunity to gain in visibility without having to pay for expensive media advertising or sponsored articles. Most of the time, guest-blogging is free, it’s just a matter of backlinks’ exchanges. Writing article yourself, or thanks to a hired web content writer have numerous advantages :

  • Who better than yourself to talk about your professional activity or your offer, especially if it requires technical or very precise knowledge
  • You can choose which points to put the emphasis on, choose your communication tone or how to valorize your offer
  • You’re going to save money ! If you write article yourself, they won’t be as expensive as if you pay a journalist to do so. Yes, a web content writer is not free, not it is a long time and strategical move that will make you earn more than spend !
  • Writing on other websites than yours will enable you to develop your network, your netlinking strategy, thanks to linkbuilding
  • Guest-blogging or other kind of participation give you the opportunity to legitimate your expertise to new or potential customers and clients
  • You save money because most of article publishings on colleague’s websites are free. You’ll just have to pay your web writer but it is a totally worth it hiring


For SEO and marketing reasons, you should totally expend your SEO written content and think about taking in your team a web content writer. To improve your SEO thanks to redaction, we advise you to give close attention to what you post on your website to keep coherence with your chosen keywords and the traffic you should like to have on your website. We also suggest you to add a blog within your site to be able to develop the importance and the size of your SEO redactional content and gain visibility. Don’t hesitate to publish articles, expert analysis or any other king of relevant redactional content on other websites than yours to show your mastering of some subjects, improve your SEO and acquire new clients.

3 ways to improve your written SEO content
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