Thematic cocoon

A thematic cocoon is a group of keywords link to a specific thematic (lexical field). A good page content may contains several thematic cocoons.

How to we analyze thematic cocoons?

Thematic cocoons are analyzed by the Writings feature. When creating a new content, Cocolyze gather and analyze the content of the 20 top ranked pages found on the Google SERP and extract thematic cocoons from their contents. 

How to use thematic cocoons?

Thematic cocoons give you high quality keywords ideas, groups by thematic. Those are thematics used by ranked websites to produce content. In other words, we can deduce that this thematics are associated with the main keyword you are trying to rank on. 

Thematic cocoons should give you paragraphs ideas to create in order to enrich your content.

Of course, it's not necessary to include each thematic cocoon in your content. Only the most relevent cocoons for your business should by used.