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What to do with a toxic link?

A toxic link is a link which has probably a negative impact on your SEO. This can be, for example, a very unreliable online casino that makes a link towards your website which is a tourism website about Paris. First, this is not a reliable link and then this website has nothing to do with your website. There is no correlation between both activities.


According to Cocolyze, a toxic link is a link with a Spam Rating higher than 7.


If this link is voluntary, you can identify it as « Not toxic ». But if you don’t want it, you should identify it as « to disavow ».

You will find all your links to disavow in the table « Links to disavow » just below the toxic link table.


Thus, you will be able to export all your links to disavow by clicking on the « TXT » button and disavow them directly in your Google Search Console.