SEO Value

The SEO Value score allows you to measure the importance of a position or its movements. It corresponds to the estimated value of an SEO position. 

How to you use this score?

It’s more useful to track the SEO value rather than the average rank. The SEO value allows you to measure the ranking evolution by taking into account the importance of keywords. For example, it will significantly increase if you’ve gained a position on a very important keyword. On the contrary it will barely change if you gain a lot of positions on keywords with a weak potential. 

You can use this score to measure your Return on Investment (ROI) by calculating your budget and the time spent, and comparing it with the SEO drops. 

Data regarding keywords (volume and cpc) are updated every month and this can impact the SEO value that's why you can see variations at the begining of the month. 

How is the SEO Value calculated? 

The SEO Value is calculated according to our algorithm calculation. It takes into account different factors such as rank, type of keyword, search importance, AdWords competition, etc.