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With the SEO Writing Assistant
can write optimized content.

Check your content optimization score in a few clicks. Get recommendations on your content length, keyword density, heading tags structure, title, meta-description, text readability and semantic keywords based on the top 20 ranked pages on the chosen keyword. Test for free.

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73% of Web pages are not visible on Google

Some of the reasons preventing these pages from appearing high in the organic results on the SERP are directly related to lack of content optimization.

Optimizing content for both search engines and user intent can take time and demand certain expertise on SEO that not everyone has.


A free SEO Writing Assistant that helps you
write SEO content in an efficient way.

Writing value-added content that also meets search engine criteria does not need to be a brainteaser. Especially when you can count on an SEO Writing Assistant that indicates everything you need to do in order to get the most optimized content.


Assemble your associates and
maximize your SEO content production.

No matter the size of your business or the number of your stakeholders, with the SEO Writing Assistant everyone on your team will be able to write optimized content.
No SEO experience is required. Just follow the recommendations and check your score. Simple as it is.


More than just an SEO Writing Assistant,
a real powerful tool.

Launch productOptimized thematic cocoons

Discover the thematic cocoons Google associated with the keyword you are willing to rank on. Use the thematic cocoons to inspire your writings and get ideas of relevant themes. Write SEO content using the correct keywords without any risk.

Mouse clickVisual and intuitive

With the help of the intuitive SEO writing assistant,
you can beneficiate from the most essential shortcuts in order to write for SEO in an efficient and effective way.

Task listReal-time recommendations

Get a real-time list of the elements to be improved in your content. The SEO writing assistant gathers information based on the twenty-first organic results of Google and return recommendations on different aspects of your content: keyword stuffing, keyword density, length, thematic cocoons, readability, title and, heading tags, as well as on SERP aspects (title and meta-description).

Analytics searchAdvanced semantic analysis

Optimize your contents’ click-through rate by improving its structured data. Besides showing you a list of your competitors’ title and meta-descriptions, the SEO writing assistant generates real-time recommendations on how to improve your content’s titles and your meta-descriptions.

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How the SEO Writing Assistant Works


SERPs analysis

Cocolyze gathers the 20 first results from Google on the keywords you want to get ranked. It analyzes and extracts all the data from SERPs and the list of ranked pages.

Competitive environment

SERP preview


Ideal content calculation

Based on your competitors’ pages, Cocolyze determines the ideal content to produce (length, keywords to use, etc). A group of recommendations is then generated.

Content length

Keywords to use


Thematic cocoon analysis

Cocolyze’s algorithms extract the content of the highest ranked pages on the targeted keyword and analyze their thematic cocoons to understand which words Google might consider as the semantical field of the request.

Thematic cocoons

Paragraphs Ideas

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Writing analysis

While you write your content, the algorithms of the SEO writing Assistant calculate your content optimization in order to return improvement recommendations for you to follow and measure the optimization score of your content.

Real-time recommendations

Optimization score

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Can I check the SEO of a content that was already written?

The SEO Writing Assistant is an AI intelligence capable of correcting any text. You can either write content from scratch directly on the editor or paste a content from another text editor. You can also refresh old content that was not created for SEO.

Why is my score on the SEO Writing Assistant different from the content score on the page analysis?

Contrary to the on-page SEO checker, the SEO writing assistant only takes into account what is written on the editor. It does not check for aspects such as link anchor, button texts or alt attributes i.e. If you also want to check for all these aspects, we recommend you to start writing your content on the SEO writing assistant and once it is published, you can run a page analysis.