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The Free SEO Checker tool that gives you live SERP rankings. Quickly.

Your SEO Checker tool

Our free SEO checker allows you to see how well a keyword is performing in the search engine results page. Type in your keyword and website, choose the country and language, and the SEO checker tool will reveal where you are positioned in the SERP on your chosen keyword. You can also export your results to track any page position changes overtime.

Discover who’s ranking on your keyword

This free SERP checker will show you the top ten search results on your chosen keyword. Discover who your competitors are and find out if their website is ranking higher or lower than yours. Our SERP checker provides insights into the ranking success or failure of your competitors so that you know what needs to be done to improve yours.

Complete SEO on-page check-up

Our SEO checker tool analyzes your page to gather data on all the factors that could impact your SEO rankings. Factors including backlinks, page content, loading times, content keywords, server connection, images, CSS styles, javascript, etc. The SEO Checker breaks down all the elements that could prevent your website from ranking well so you know exactly what needs to be fixed.

Get personal advice from the SERP Checker

All the top ten pages are analyzed by our SERP Checker tool (yes, even your competitors’ pages!) so that you can see the areas that you and they need to work on. We provide SEO advice for each analyzed page so you’re not wasting time wondering what needs to be done.