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Improve your website SEO thanks to expired domain names

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Expired domain names have a super power... They have the ability to boost your SEO and to help your site being better ranked !

We explain you how and why it can be interesting to invest in expired domain names for your website.

1. Clarification on expired domain names

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The "domain name" is the name given to a bundle of websites inter-connected and owned by the same person or entity. It is often written as an acronym : DN. To better understand, let's imagine that Internet is a big kingdom composed of little lands called "sites". A lord owning several «sites» linked together possess a "domain". A domain can also be constituted of one site. It's even for this reason that we often use the word «site» instead of «domaine». The domain must be called by a free name, so a name not used, at this precise time. The domain name is, itself, composed of a name, chosen by its owner, followed by an extension according to its origin country or activity sector. For instance, for the French domains, the extensions will be ".fr", for organizations «.org», and so on...

    ⚠️ Warning : domain names ending by «.ie» are not called dolmen names !

More seriously, we can also say that the domain name is simply the address of a domain. To go on it, you just have to write its name in the address bar of the web browser as you write the mailing address in the Google Maps or sat nav search bar. For your information, the technical address of a domain name is the IP address.

Now that the definition is clear, let's talk about the expired domain names. An expired DN, is a domain name whose rent has not been renewed. Yes, we are never totally the owner of a domain name. To continue using a DN and the sites associated, you have to renew the « subscription» to the service provider. If you don't make a move, the "possession" of your domain name will probably be removed !

Don't panic, you have time before seeing your temporary property goes away. The majority of expired DNs are expired on purpose. They usually are not orphans very long because they are a real gold mine for online companies. They are really interesting to integrate in a SEO strategy.

  • Domain names are about the address to type in the address ad of the web browser to go on the landing page of the website
  • Domain names expire if the contract to use the NDD is not renewed after some times

2. Why investing in expired domain names ? ?

Become a powerful Internet lord ! 👑

Expired DNs can be extremely useful for those who'd like to improve the visibility of their own domains. Expired DNs can be integrated in a netlinking SEO strategy thanks to the linkbuilding. This is how to build a netlinking strategy thanks to expired DNs.

Your website fits with a well defined offer or activity field. A lot of expired DNs also fit with it. The tip is to buy expired DNs similar to yours, and by extension, to your domain. This way you will be able to create backlinks from them toward your website. These domaines become what we call doorway sites. Search engine algorithms favor sites having connexions with external sites, especially if they have themselves, good SEO. To sum-up, the more websites having backlinks toward you have a good optimization, the more it will be good for your own SEO. It would be also better for you that this other domain referred as doorway site have a theme or activity close to yours. If it's not the case, your backlink will not be very valorized by search engines. These two elements are to be taken into account if you'd like to buy expired DNs to make linkbuilding.

If interested, you can use a specialized platform in the buying of expired DNs. The website Youdot, for example, gives you the choice between more than 700 000 expired domain names in 9 different extensions. It gives you access to all the KPIs which evaluate the quality and the global e-reputation of the DNs in their catalogue. If you are interested by a netlinking strategy, try it and get 20€ offered on their platform with the code «cocolyze20».


Buying expired DNs doesn't only have the power to extend your visibility on the web. It also enables you to win market shares against your competitors and being more present in the results ofSERPs. The DNs that you buy are DNs that your rivals won't have !

Nevertheless, don't have too much of this ! Creating backlinks from bought expired DNs can favor your SEO. Be careful, you shouldn't bet all of your netlinking strategy on it. Google algorithms now succeed in detecting links coming from suspicious sites, like doorway sites. These suspicious backlinks coming from external sites are called non-qualified backlinks, at the contrary of qualified, which are the good ones. That's why the expired DNs you buy must be absolutely linked with your activity sector and have a good SEO. It's to avoid search engines to be identified as «fake backlinks», this may damage your SEO. Next to the DNs you buy, continue to create backlinks from active domains which are not your belongings. Besides making your SEO better, you'll find, why not, new partners or partnerships on the web !

  • Buying expired domain names with good SEO and linked with your website theme enable you to develop your network
  • We'll be able to create qualified backlink from these expired DNs to your main domain and so improve your SEO

3. Watch the quality of your netlinking

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Now that you have beautiful qualified backlinks all around the world thanks to your new domains and your partnerships, you have to control their quality. Finding a DN corresponding to your activity and which has a good SEO is not everything ! The quality of your backlinks fluctuates, it can simply lose some, win some, or worse, disappear. Wow ! To be aware of the slightest change, you have to audit the quality of your backlink everyday.

Which are the 3 elements to be aware of and to follow daily ?

    • The Domain Authority of the hosting domain on which is your backlink, to ensure the quality of this domain and so the valorization of your backlink
    • The Spam Score of your backlink on this domain. It is important to check this to see if your backlink is seen as qualified by search engines
    • If the link hasn't been changed as no-follow or deleted. It's cool to have succeeded in having a good backlink but if this one has no SEO value or disappear, it has no worth !

It is prevailing to watch these 3 elements very often so you're sure of your netlinking worth and fly toward the first Google places !

If you want to check everyday these KPIs, you can do it thanks to the Cocolyze's functionality : « Links ».


  • The quality of your backlinks is changing all the time
  • It is prevailing to check their state daily so you can really have benefits on your main site's SEO


Buying expired domain names can be a good opportunity to improve your SEO. Online companies can think of it to develop some SEO strategies as the netlinking. Using expired DNs to create backlinks toward your main domain can help it having better results in SERPs. For more information, discover Youdot and their team of expired DNs experts.


Netlinking: Networks of several websites thanks to the on-site creation of links sending toward each other

Linkbuilding: Creating links on websites, pointing toward each other, with the goal of improving their SEO

Backlink: Link created on the website and pointing to another website

Doorway site: Relative word concerning a site with links sending toward another site

External site: Site belonging to someone else than the one concerned at the moment

KPI: Acronymic name of "Key Performance Indicator", is a figure, allowing to know the efficiency of an action or an element

Qualified backlink: Backlink considered as good by search engines algorithms and improving the SEO of the destination website

Domain Authority: Score given to a website by the algorithms of search engines. It can be estimated by a SEO tool like Cocolyze

Spam Score: Toxicity indicator of a backlink. The more it is high, the more the backlink is dangerous for the destination website. It can also be estimated by a SEO tool

No-follow: Backlink without any SEO worth for the destination website

Improve your website SEO thanks to expired domain names
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